Writer / Content Strategist

Making the Connections that Grow Profits


My name is Carroll Conklin. My business is re-vitalizing brands to grow profits.

Why Work with Carroll?

In simple terms, I help my clients sell more of what they offer to more buyers more often … and sell it faster and easier.

The result: sustainable profit growth.

Who Works with Carroll?

I work primarily with executives, marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. (See Clients.)

Most of my clients come to me with successful businesses. But they have found that growth has slowed, and they're not willing to settle for that.

I help them escape the marketing traps that are keeping them from getting all that they can from their brands, and their buyers.

My services include writing and brand strategy. Whether it's writing copy or generating content, it's really about the challenge of creating a connection between the values of your prospects and the values of your brand. 

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